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Vol 23 No 1 (2019)

Published: 2019-02-15



The Predators in the literature of the levitation and inspired pen model

Salih Mala Aziz, Sazan Farwq Ahmed
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 45

Page 72 - 90

Meaning of Life and its relation with attitudes toward immigration among the youth of Kurdistan region - Iraq

Lamya K Abdulla, Rashed Hussin Ahmed Albarwari
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 44

Page 91 - 104

The language of senses in Goran poetry

Abdulwahid Meshir Mahmood, Dana Tahssin Muhammad
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 105 - 116

Value of Mother in Notice Latif Halmat

hawzhen slewa Issa
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 117 - 135

Extent of the semantics in Surah Hud

Aram Ali Othman
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 136 - 146

Agriculture throughout the reign of the monarch in Iraq

Fatah Bahram Khdir, Mahdi Muhammad qadir
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 49

Page 147 - 164

Sustainable health development in Soran, reality and prospects

Serwan Arab Sadiq, Hamid Abdullah Salih Sharif
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 64

Page 165 - 177

The role of G-Suite application for practicing the Administration Process of Quality Assurance; Salahaddin University as a Sample

Hardawan Mahmoud Kakashekh, Nabil Adil Fakhre
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 178 - 189

New Technique to design Graeco Latin square for odd numbers of treatments

Omiad Saber Abdullah
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 45

Page 190 - 200

Future estimation for Electricity interruption in Dohuk governorate (Kurdistan-Iraq) using SARIMA model

Nabeel George Nacy, Mohammed AbdulMajeed Badal, Samaher Tareq Ibrahim
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 44

Page 201 - 215

The Trauma in Langston Hughes’s Mulatto

Nahro Othman Maulood, Shirzad Shafi’ Babo Barzani
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 226 - 253

A Comparative Study of Diminutive Forms in English and Kurdish

Hamza Othman Muho
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 40

Page 254 - 268

The Authenticity of Diminutive in Kurdish

Hunar O. Padar
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 46

Page 269 - 277

The Use of Emoticons among University Students: A Pragmatic Study

Hadi Hussein Haji, Salam Nawxosh Bakir
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 118

Page 278 - 290

Social Deixis in Twelfth Night

Anjuman Muhammad Sabir, Barham Qadir Abubaker Muhammad
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 66

Page 291- 303

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