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Vol 23 No 2 (2019)

Published: 2019-04-21



The Academic and Professional Qualities of Kindergarten Teachers from their Students’ Perspective

Seenaa Ahmed Ali, Ban Sabah Yahya
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 92

Page 1 - 13

Flashes in marketing language philosophy Tendular reading

Serwan Anwar Majeed
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 40

Page 43 - 56

The impact of the curriculum of the first stage on the development and construction of physical qualities in the students of the first stage Department of

Muiad Abbdulrahman Hadeth, Dlawar Kareem Omar, Abdullah Qadir Awla
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 32

Page 78 - 86

The effectiveness of training by competitions style in developing some basic skills of football

Sarhang Abdulkhliq Abdullah, Saman Hamad Suleman, Qahar Ali Ahmed
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 33

Page 89 - 100

the Endowment system type and style in Islamic jurisprudence

Jamel Ali Rasul, Shamal Fatah Hamad
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 101 - 131

The Impact of Using the “4MAT” Modules in Achieving and Developing Trends towards teaching Methods Subject

Farhad Ali Mustafa, Ahmed Muhammad Ali
Abstract 35 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 132 - 142

Synesthesia in Abdullah Pashew's poem

Rzgar Umer Fattah
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 29

Page 156 - 168

Same different ideas about Mem and Zin

Farman Ibrahim Awla
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 183 - 190

The U.S.A. Attitude to the First Gulf War 1980-1988

Karwan Salh Wasi
Abstract 36 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 191 - 214

th Forecasting World gold Prices Using ARIMA Model

esraa awni haydier
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 215 - 238

Diversity at College of Basic Education, Salahaddin University-Erbil: Lecturers’ Awareness and Attitude

Saman A. Abdullah, Kawa Q. Muhammad
Abstract 37 | PDF Downloads 42

Page 239 - 253

Hedged Performatives in English Political Debates

Kavi Shakr Mohammed, Nyan Kamil Ghafour
Abstract 35 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 268 - 284

Trauma in Amiri Baraka’s Slave Ship

Nahro Othman Maulood, Shirzad Shafi’ Babo Barzani
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 44

Page 285 - 308

The Status Profile of the Individual Bilinguals in the Domain Language of KRG

Saifadden Ibrahim Sharif, Tahsin Hussein Rassul
Abstract 39 | PDF Downloads 43

Page 309 - 320

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