Investigating Teachers’ Awareness of Guided-discovery Approach to Teaching grammar

Zana Mahmood Abbas




This paper is entitled Investigating Teachers’ Awareness of Guided-discovery Approach to Teaching Grammar. It has been years that linguistics, teachers and methodologists research about grammar. They want to choose a good approach and way to teach grammar in Second Language Learning classroom (SLL). It is obvious that language is null without grammar. Yet, some linguists believe that grammar is not needed while some claim that grammar is necessary and should be taught. This is an applied research which tries to discuss the antagonists and protagonists to teaching grammar. If teaching grammar is needed, what approach teachers should follow and use. There are basically two main approaches to teaching grammar; inductive and deductive. However, recently another approach merged and lied between deductive and inductive approach which is so-called guided-discovery or seductive. It is said that this approach chooses the best from each. It concentrates on both accuracy and fluency. This paper is an attempt to discuss the approaches to teaching grammar. Also, the benefits and drawbacks of each approach are discussed. In this piece of research, grammar teachers of college of education and basic education at Salahaddin University were chosen as the sample of this research. A semi-structured interview and observation checklist are used to gather the date. It is apparent that teachers generally do not have much information about this approach. Also, they either follow inductive or deductive approach in their lessons. 

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