The Qualification Status Profile of Basic School English Language Teachers in Erbil City 2014-2015

A. Prof. Dr. Ali Mahmood Jukil, A. L. Heyder Sabir Hasan




Initially, this study intends to manifest to what extent the teachers of basic schools who were graduated from the College of Basic Education (CBE) and other lower institutions, who prepare teachers to teach at basic schools, to see the degree of professional standing to teaching Sunrise program as qualified teachers of pupils of basic schools that are expected to learn English language academically and proficiently, that is to say to what extent the aims of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are achieved, in which the mission and vision of CBE are different from the traditional programs and teaching methods. So the research is methodical, applied and investigative.

It has been hypothesized that the teachers are judiciously adapting their teaching profession that leads to students’ academic and higher level of proficiency.

The data was collected by two instruments, the first is an observational checklist that mostly focuses on the teaching process, and the second is a questionnaire about the general guidelines of the teachers’ personal conduct and manner of classroom etiquettes. The SPSS is used for analyzing the collected data.

The participants are the teachers who teach Sunrise program from the kindergarten to the ninth grade of basic schools. The researching participants (observers) are the fourth grade students of English language department at college of basic education; they observed the classes of English Language teaching in a systematic process in partial fulfillments of their observation module in 2014-2015 course.

It has been found that teachers are successful in classroom routines and conducts. But, the teaching process is weak in general; first, the process of interaction is weak because the whole class is not sub-divided in to smaller groups, interactions better help learners to store knowledge in their memory, it helps learners’ affections and motivates them, it also runs and activates practices. Second, the process of teaching and learning fails in the production phase of the 3ps; both processes do not reach their ends. It shows that the practice in the intake phase is weak that is why the learners’ free practice often fails and the learners cannot use language for communication. 

The results of the study will be useful for the evaluation of the achievements of all in-service teachers. The outcomes also will help the authorities and students to know the weak points and strong points of the graduated teachers of college and make changes and improvements of the ways of teaching and learning and curriculum for future developments.


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