Fashion and historical connotations in the film Brave heart film model

  • Abdulnaser mustafa ibrahim College of Fine Arts Department of Cinema / Salahaddin University-Erbil
Keywords: Fashion, historical, connotations, heritage and values


That the search for fashion is a right in search of human heritage in the

heritage and values and the depth of the same thought that reflected the civilization and recorded in it all the successive personalities of generations from a distance, including historical figures as researchers know it is the effects based on the definition of peoples and the diagnosis of their entity and when the fashion advantage in determining the entity Society and identify its identity, which has usually been named according to the uniform that they wear to be a landmark in their history, and cinema comes as a means of communication the wider public spread, so this description has a feature in the issuance of judgment in those films that appear personally As well as the events in her fashion borrowing, using her technical language, which shows the precise details of the events and their accessories in terms of fashion as a subject that falls within the considerations of diagnosing history, because fashion is an important element in the evaluation of the material and artistic heritage besides the technical level gives us an intellectual level And its close association with the customs and traditions of that historical era.

  The term "fashion" means clothing in its distinctive forms as worn by different peoples in different times.

Significance: It is from the origin (Dll - evidence: what is indicated by the name and function). Through the following detective we arrive at research indicators for the purpose of analysis and exit the results and conclusions.

The historical root of the concept of fashion: where civilizations are recognized through the accumulated information and experience in their contact with the people through the transfer of information and experiences inherited and acquired in the coexistence between them and the need for those variables.

 The Conceptual Root of the Fashion Identity in Cinema: When fashion is an advantage in determining the identity of the community and its identity is determined, it is usually named according to the dress that they wear to be a distinguishing mark of a known function to carry the date in all its dimensions.

 Fashion and its implications in the cinema: The fashion works with the decorative makeup in its integration to reflect the figures that are re-painted and configured to recreate the characteristics of the real characters as if they were in their times, where cinema works in artistic creation between documentation and historical depth to draw pictures of value and roots between the times and to achieve artistic self.

The researcher used the model of my film as an elected sample and Hoffman (The Brave Heart 1995 production by Mel Gibson).

 The findings include: the fashion that supported the documentation of the inherited values and the diversity of raw materials used, in addition to the recommendations and proposals. The research also included a list of sources and references adopted by the researcher and a summary of the Arabic and English languages.



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