The Reflection of Kant Philosophy on Education

  • Azad Hama Abdullah Department of Philosophy - University of Sulaimani
Keywords: Immanuel Kant, Philosophy, Education


 Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) is a brilliant name in the history of western philosophical thought and its philosophical reflection on educational field are an asset for understanding Western philosophical educational thought   beacause Kant education philosophy considers education a problem that faces human beings ، thus، it puts it forward for discussion and brings together the three important aspects of education (huaman، mind، ethics) ، therefore in the current research we will work on Kant  philosophy reflection on education  in order to identify the educational dimensions of Kant philosophy that had an impact on learning and moral well as its results in German and western society and humanity as whole. It is a part of human education philosophy that hold education understanding through concepts suchas mind ، moral ، freedom. First we observe the basis Kant philosophy is consists of in addition to its relation with education together with how، as far as education is concerned، it is going to deal with the moral، humane and mind cocepts ، goodwill and the principal of duty and the role of learner ،parent in the teaching process and learning method within the frame of Kant education philosophy ، how to reach att the goal behind education ، ethics ، what so even ، and goodwill ، freedom meaning in education ، in addition to the reflection of Jean-Jacques Rousseau ، taken from the book of Émile about Kant education. Acting n this basis، the current study believes that studing Kant philosophy from education perspective and pointing out the education philosophical aspects will affect our education thoughts، especially beacause in Kurdish research neither attention has been paid to Kant philosophy nor it has been considered.



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