Configuration the quality control panel based on the characteristic function

  • Huda Qardagh Yalda College of Management and Economics/Salahaddin University-Erbil
Keywords: quality control, characteristic, function


     It is the subject of quality control of important issues, for the researchers and specialists in the industrial, health and agricultural fields.             

Statistical studies in the field of quality control have been dependent on one variable(or one characteristic) reflected the quality of the material product, the later developed statistical methods in the field of control, such as multivariate methods which was used in this research with distinctive function style as a modality of quality control.

       The research include with the distinctive analysis, which is one of the    important statistical methods in a single classification or more to one group based on variables with discriminatory characteristics, and to address and to address the discriminatory functions developed in this area and applied to patients (Infected and not infected with liver tumors) to build probabilistic model to distinguish them. Symptoms and some factors that may lead to cause the disease

    With the adoption of the characteristic function of linear control panel are configured classified on the basis of a set of variables are associated with the disease, the goal of the research is to the aim of research is to standardize boards (qualities) sets of variables in one Panel.

    A comparison between the two groups under the same quality control standards when the effect under the same quality control standards when having an effect more than one variable so we suggest configuring  the quality control panel based on the linear structure of the characteristic function.

The applied side included data for patients infected and not affected by liver tumors, the data was taken from Rezgare and Nana kale hospitals in Arbil, important conclusions were reached, they are beneficial and useful to be noted by health authorities.


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