The impact of the curriculum of the first stage on the development and construction of physical qualities in the students of the first stage Department of

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Muiad Abbdulrahman Hadeth
Dlawar Kareem Omar
Abdullah Qadir Awla


impact of the curriculum, development and construction, Laying good foundations


The impact of the curriculum of the first stage on the development and construction of physical qualities in the students of the first stage Department of Physical Research objects;

  • Knowledge of the impact of the practical approach to the students of the first phase in the aspect of physical attributes (strength speed, handling, agility).

  • Laying good foundations for the practical approach appropriate for the students of the first stage and raising their level of the selection process to the next stage.

There are statistically significant differences between the tests of the tribal and the remote and the dimension of the elements of fitness elements in the students of the Department of Physical Education / University of Soran during the first year through the influence of the vocabulary of practical materials.

Search predictions:

The researchers assume that the components of the physical fitness components of the physical education department /the University of Soran During the first year of the course will develop through the effect of the components of the practical materials. The study was conducted on a sample of the student of the first stage. They were forty – five students for the academic year 2015-2016 in the stadium and hall of the department of physical education has been using the experimental method to suit the objectives and nature of research. The means of standard deviation and correlation coefficient were used to reach results. The study resulted in the following conclusions.

  • There has been no clear development to the extent of both the status of explosive strength and long time running for the students.

  • Not to focus on the use of exercises focused on the development of Explosive power of the muscles of legs during the practical sessions.

  • The emergence of a high significance for both the first and fifth tests.

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