Estimation Hazard Function of the Survival Function in Life Table for Kurdistan region by MICS4 Survey

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Mohamed Abdul-Majeed Badel




In this paper we are estimating the Survival function and Hazard function of  from the constructing life table of Kurdistan region by using the method empirical Survival function (ESF) and using the estimate Empirical Cumulative Hazard Function through analyses the data of Survey MICS4-kurdistan region-Iraq (2012) to find mortality statistics by population estimates based on the 1977 decennial census of Iraq, we depended on data prior of 1977 to reach abridged life table constructed by reference to standard table  and for results from this Survey and found  the overall expectancy of life for both sex (70.6) in ages (1-4) of Kurdistan region and Female(71) and Male(70.2), the high probability of surviving equal (0.99339) in ages (15-19), the variance in Survival  function  is less than from variance of hazard function in all ages, especial less variance in ages (15-19) and age(10-14) and note the variance of hazard function increasing at ages (less than one and +50)with mean of life time of hazard function λ(t) is high in ages (less than 5 and  +50) exactly after the ages (+70) the mean of λ (t ) is very high from analyses the data of Survey MICS4-Iraq (2012)  .

this research is analyses by using SPSS Package v.22 and Excel Software.

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