The role of G-Suite application for practicing the Administration Process of Quality Assurance; Salahaddin University as a Sample

  • Hardawan Mahmoud Kakashekh College of Arts - Department of Media / Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Nabil Adil Fakhre College of Education - Department of Chemistry / Salahaddin University-Erbil
Keywords: Domain Name, Quality Assurance, G-Suite Apps, Application


There is no doubt the technology has been developed in the developing world within new products and expansion of various applications, especially with these applications the work has been onlined. These applications provide the users an expanded ability in connecting and allocating shared dataes. With increasing these applications of the most of the grown countries, the universities and instituted were obliged to arrange their tasks with the network appropriate to recent technology. In this way the universities and the institutes can update their data and information professionally. In addition, it can be used in administrating academic and scientific processes. The research demonstrates the role practicing Google education which is known as (G-Suite) in executing the quality assurance process of the universities. In which, Salahaddin University-Erbil was used as an example. This process could be done with the assistance of the principle and members of the colleges and departments of the Salahhadin University. In order to approach these goals the applications offer to manage a better process of quality assurance at colleges and departments within collecting data and information.

In addition to clarification and evaluating the data, the lecturers can archive their activities and save their information confidently and electronically. The study will be conducted with qualitative and quantitative methods. Over and above, to validate this research, the relevant qualitative data was gathered from 63 members of quality assurance committees at Salahhadin University who has a position in this field with both sexes. The result showed the ability of Google education and the use of it to demonstrate a better role of quality assurance for the universities and institutes. Lastly, the research represents the results and suggestions of the use of Google education in order the educational institutions can achieve the benefits of Google education in the right way.


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