Classification of Iraqi provinces for the incidence of some transitional diseases using the measures (CCC, Delta) in cluster analysis

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Akhterkhan Saber Hamad


Classification of Iraqi provinces, transferred


 A contagious disease is a disease which is transferred from one person to another sometimes it can be transferred from an animal to an individual; they differ according to severity as some only need rest and home remedies while others need admission to the hospital. Studies an statistical research along with superior technology these days in all aspects of our lives have revealed the disease and their causes and generating results but these are not enough as they are only superficial but now the researches take. But now researches use quantitative measures and statistical measures to have more definitive results and since the problem we are trying to solve is classification Iraqi cities into homogeneous groups according to the contagious diseases So we took some quantitative measures such as ( cluster analysis ) as this route is one of most important ones to intercept data and is used to for grouping data in certain areas for getting definitive results , and what tells the relationship between the data's we  are gathering and is to be grouped is differences or features and there should be a clear understanding of how to cope with all of the differentials ,the researcher has found out that there is a difference in classification according to that and similarities in the features that were the essences to the ranking.

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