Applied Mortality Proportional Rates on Testicular Cancer in Erbil and Sulaimani from (2000-2014)

  • Mahdi Saber Raza Erbil Polytechnic University
Keywords: Mortality Rates, Proportion, Age Distribution, Data Analysis, Trends


Mortality rate of cancer is important for the sector of the health care, to use a graphical method developed by Gabriel to describe the row and columns of a matrix to tables of age and period. While, it is useful to use age specific rates changes with time by pattern. Trends in age precise rates and changes in the age specific distribution are defined as projections. we apply this model on fertility rates, mortality rates, and population base for a particular type, data was collected from learning science Hospital in Erbil and Sulaimani for testicular cancer (Secondary data ) between 2000 and 2014, and again we can use model of proportion growth rate. In addition, it can also be used as the model to determine if the mortality rates for age of a particular type will increase or decrease over a certain period of time. The age-standardised mortality rates from testicular cancer were significantly lower in Erbil and Sulaimani  in 2000-04 compared to 2005-09 and 2010-14 related on Figures (9-14). On Erbil and Sulaimani testicular cancer, In 2000-04, the hazard functions rates were 0.08-0.1, whilst in 2005-09 they were 0.1- 0.2 and 2010-14 were 0.12-0.32. While, the Easyfit and SPSS programs used for practical part for this study.


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