Teaching Strategies Used in Vocabulary In “Communication” Module for First year Students at Salahaddin University-Erbil

  • Nazenin Shekh Muhamed Bapir Department of English - College of Education / University of Salahaddin-Erbil
  • Alan Hasan Anwar Department of English - College of Education / University of Salahaddin-Erbil
Keywords: Teaching, Strategies, Vocabulary, Communication, EFL


The present paper, entitled “Teaching strategies used in vocabulary in “Communication” module for first year students at Salahaddin University-Erbil” outlines the basic strategies for teaching vocabulary in communication module. The aim is to investigate and identify the best strategies for teaching vocabulary that can be used in EFL classrooms when teaching communication.

Researchers depend on questionnaire to collect data from teachers who teach vocabulary in English Departments at Salahaddin University. Many teaching methods and strategies can be used in teaching vocabulary, but the most effective ones should be chosen despite the challenge of the difference in the students' level. This paper demonstrates the considerable strategies needed to be taken into account in vocabulary knowledge.


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