The Role of Oil in The Political Weight of the Kurdistan Region - Iraq

  • Serwan Arab Sadiq Department of social scince- College of basic education / Salahaddin university-Erbil
  • Jaza Twfiq Talb Department of Geography College of Human Sciences / Sulaimani University
Keywords: petrol, Kurdistan region, oil field, oil reserves


Oil is one of the most important sources of energy because of its strategic role in times of peace and war, and oil price changes from time to time, but its importance does not change and not less, because no alternative has been found so far, and therefore the oil-producing countries are important in the world economy, and this status and importance is increasing day by day to increase demand in the world market, as is also known as oil is not a fixed source and eternal: The Kurdistan Region has a huge oil reserve, and this has made the region a prominent position on the political and economic sides in the global map, and this importance is constantly increasing.

In this research, we try to show this importance, where we divided the research on three central points, the first one (basic): the definition of the pillars in the basic research and the definition of the research area, the second one: the distribution of oil resources in the Kurdistan Region, the third and final axis: development and progress in oil production and its impact on the region's economy.


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