Costs and Benefits of Iraq’s Accession to the GCC

Twana Fadhil Salih


Iraqi accession to the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC may has many of benefits to Iraq and GCC countries as well, although, may also has a lot of costs for both side. The study try’s to evaluate the cost and benefits for this accession.  The research has to challenge many questions in lack of significant answer, which the paper will try to answer in this study. The main issue is how to evaluate the structure of trades among integrated countries. In other words, do the GCC countries have an optimal trade structure or optimal share of economic relations for other regions to follow? As well as, if it’s on the benefit for Iraq to access this integration? And why? The study conclude that; there are no enough trade relation shares between Iraq and these countries to attract Iraq to join them and there will not be enough economic benefits from trade aspects to join this integration.

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