A Decade of Transformative English Education Program Development in Iraq During 2000- 2011: A Case Study

Ali Mahmood Jukil, Gulbahar Beckett Beckett


This study is a case study of the decade of transformative English Education program development in Iraq. It is obvious that the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has responded to the New World Order and Globalization with new policies and much financial investment in developing higher education system. The development policy included curricular reconstruction; English language program expansion; and quality control with additional research focus. This Study will discuss a case study of Salahaddin University College of Basic Education English Department’s effort and experience of a total transformation of curricula from form-focused audio-lingual English language teaching by one faculty to 19 students prior to 2001 to form-and-function focused teaching of 231 students by 16 faculty in 2010-2011 Academic Year. Transformation and expansion also included addition of master’s and doctoral degree strands to existing programs; recruiting faculty with higher degrees; requiring domestic and international co-advisors; as well as faculty and student scholarly productivity.


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