An Evaluation of General English for University Students

Zheen Hamad Amin Abdullah


Textbooks play a pivotal role in all levels of education all over the world. Razmjoo (2007) states that using a textbook in the classroom helps students feel secure and a sense of success and progress. In recent years, applying foreign language textbooks has dramatically increased in the EFL classrooms as a core of teaching material. This research is entitled “The Evaluation of General English for University Students”. The aim of this research is to evaluate the material that has been currently used to teach first year students at Salahaddin University in terms of its vocabulary, grammar, language skills and technical criteria. A checklist is used as a tool in this research and it is designed by Williams (1983).

The approaches and methods that are applied in these textbooks are accepted by English language teachers. However, they might not be appropriate with the students’ level. Additionally, the methodology on which the textbooks are based may not fulfill students’ needs, and teachers are obliged to implement them. To avoid this, Evaluating material (textbook) is of great importance to demonstrate the appropriateness of the textbook with students’ needs. This research is an attempt to evaluate the current textbook which is used by first year students at University of Salahaddin. It is apparent that nothing is mentioned about the students’ culture background except the last page where the Kurdistan is mentioned. Therefore, further research is recommended to be undertaken in the referred aspects.

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