Vol 20, No 4 (2016)

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Supplementary Issue Volume 20, Number 4, 2016

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A Structural Account of English Tenseless Clausal Constructions PDF
Dr. Himdad Abdul-Qahhar Muhammad, Salih Ibrahim Ahmed 1-8
Academic Learning and Early Childhood Behavior PDF
Dr. Uma Shankar Singh, Aryan Kamaran Kamaran 9-18
An investigation on the Role of Discourse Markers in the Quality of the Descriptive Compositions of Iraqi ELT Students PDF
Jihad Hassan Aziz Al Gurkosh, Muthana Mohammed Badie 19-25
Assessment of the Educational Environment at Tikrit University College of Medicine (TUCOM) PDF
Hamid Hindi Sarhan, Arazoo J. Amin 26-35
Collocation in English Conversation Classes PDF
Dr. Suhayla H. Majeed, Dr. Lanja A. Dabbagh 36-41
Conversational Implicatures in Shaw’s ‘How He Lied to Her Husband’ PDF
Salam Neamah Hirmiz Hakeem, Hoshang Najmaddin Mustafa 42-48
Cooperative Learning Fosters Students Engagement in The Learning Process PDF
Suleyman CELIK CELIK CELIK 49-54
Developing vocabulary strategies among Kurdish EFL students of English as a foreign language PDF
Sara Jamal Muhammed 55-68
Frankly Speaking: Learner Perceptions of an Unplugged Speaking Course in Kurdistan, Iraq PDF
Amal Isa Isa, Maryam Isa Isa 69-86
Integrating Mobile Devices & Technology into the Educational Experience PDF
Dirk Embery Embery 87-93
Locke's Effect on Laurence Sterne's Novel Tristram Shandy PDF
Dr. Sabah Atallah Atallah, Fawziya Mousa Ghanim 94-98
Making Request Strategies by Kurdish migrants, None Native Speakers and British Native Speakers PDF
Sangar S. Hamad 99-108
Mixed ability classrooms – a battlefield or a blessing? Evaluating heterogeneous and homogeneous EAP classes in Iraqi Kurdistan. PDF
Stacey Xaelani Xaelani 109-117
Motivating English Foreign Language Students to Speak in English Classrooms PDF
Mohammed Abdulazeez Mawlood Dizayi 118-141
Multiperspectivity in William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and Orhan Pamuk's My Name is Red PDF
Niwar A. Obaid 142-149
Recreational Reading Effects on Teaching: From the Perspectives of Pre-service Teachers PDF
Pashew M. Nuri 150-160
Retelling the Irish Troubles through a Female Figure: The Irish Female Presence in Seamus Heaney’s Poetry PDF
Maha Qahtan Sulaiman 161-169
Speaking Anxiety of Kurdish Candidate Teachers of English with Foreign Lecturers PDF
Başar Batur Batur, Nergz Khalid Mohammed 170-175
Strategies of Translating Allusions from Kurdish to English and Vice Versa PDF
Rawand Sabah Sabah 176-181
Teachers and Students Attitudes towards Conversation Courses PDF
Maysaa Rasheed Al-Rubai, Entesar Abbass Al-Gburi 182-199
Teachers’ and students’ beliefs about language learning PDF
Fay Al Jibory Al Jibory Al Jibory 200-206
Teaching sociolinguistic competence in an EFL classroom. PDF
Elvira Koran Koran 207-209
The Effect of Culture on Language PDF
Enas Subhi Amer 210-222
The Impact of the Interaction between Teacher and Learner on the Motivation and Achievement of the Learners PDF
Rauf Avci Avci 223-230
The Influence of Using Interactive Whiteboard on Learner Achievement in the Language Classroom: A Case Study PDF
Mustafa Altun Altun 231-237
The Problems of Using Third Person Singular Morpheme in the English Language from Kurdish EFL Learners’ Perspective PDF
Nawzad Hassan Qadir, Aram Hussein Hassan 238-245
Translating Idioms from Kurdish to English According to Mona Baker's strategies PDF
Rawand Sabah Sabah 246-251
Who is an Ideal Teacher in Students’ Perspectives? Is an Ideal Teacher born or made? PDF
Suhayla Hameed Majeed, Truska Muhamad Alaadin 252-258
Investigating the Reason behind the lack of Reading Classes in the English Department, College of Languages, Salahaddin University- Hawler PDF
Suhayla H. Majeed, Lanja A. Dabbagh 259-262
Differentiating Instructions by Using Multiple Teaching Ways in Reading Classes PDF
Suleyman CELIK Celik Celik 263-268
A Linguistic Analysis of Errors in Undergraduate Students’ Translated Texts PDF
Asst. Prof.Wrya Izzadin Ali, Salam Neamah Hirmiz Hakeem 269-273