Published: 2017-03-08


Using Stream Length-Gradient Index (SL Index) in the Morphological study of the Smaqooli valley Basin

Ahmed Yaseen Ali, Tahseen Abdulrahim Azeez, Hikmat Abdulaaziz Hamad
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 322

Page 1-19

Implication of Silence to Will in Islamic jurisprudence and civil law in Iraq

Younus Sahed Hussen
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 82

Page 20-28

The vision of the self and the other in Dick Al-Jin’s Poem ( 235)

Ali Kamaladen alfhady, Hafsat Najm Maulood
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 434

Page 64-79

The German Position on the War in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995

Khalil Ali Murad al mandalawe, Shakhawan Abdullah Saber
Abstract 148 | PDF Downloads 89

Page 80-96

Central newspapers of the main parties in Kurdistan for the years (1975-1991) (ICP) (PDK) (PUK) as example

Azad ubed Salh, arazu yousf Hasan
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 86

Page 97-110

Effects of Aquatic Exercises in the Rehabilitation of Patient with Lower Back Pain Resulting from a Lumbar Disc Prolapsed

Bahry Hasan Khoshnaw, Muhamad Abdulrahaman muhamad, Saber Muhamad Khalid
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 111-119

Mosques in Egypt during the reign of the Fatimia state (358-567 AH / 969-1171 )

Jazeel Abduljabar jomard, khanzad Saed Sabah
Abstract 144 | PDF Downloads 84

Page 120-137

Modeling of Soran City Urban Expansion Using Technology of Geographical Information Systems

kamaran Wale mahmood
Abstract 228 | PDF Downloads 102

Page 148-166

Ontology in Attar’s Mystic Contemplation

Muhamaed Hussen khanmohammadi, Muhammad Amir obaydinia, Fahry Umar Sulaeman
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 316

Page 167-179

The Holy Quran's Approach to the Definition of Life (An Educational Educational Study)

Mashud Mohammad Ali faraj
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 325

Page 180-196

Designing a scale Absent - mindedness among Football players

Khashman Ali Hasan, Maky Mohammad Abduljabar, Ahmed Jasim Sliman
Abstract 211 | PDF Downloads 89

Page 197-215

Rules of Jurisprudence in the Book of Alhawi of Mawardi

Ebrahim Ahmad Salh Alnahimi
Abstract 206 | PDF Downloads 94

Page 248-232

Pirkham as unwritten poem

Umed Aziz Mustafa
Abstract 152 | PDF Downloads 344

Page 318-299

Henna (An Anthropological Study)

Nadia Wale Jabbar
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 85

Page 341-319

Repetition and its psychological impact in the poetry of Abbas Bin Al Ahnaf  

Abdulah Baeram Younus
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 88

Page 352-342

The Change of daily temperature in Sulaimani city from 1992 to 2014

sulayman Abdulla Ismail
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 378

Page 406-379

The effect of disclosing intellectual capital on the quality of accounting information

Dilshad A Jamel, Mohammad A Mohsen
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 98

Page 447-431

A Pragmatic Analysis of Overstatement And Understatement in English Literary Letters

Suhayla Hamid Majed, Kavie shakir muhammad
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 324

Page 456-448

Linguistic and social uses in The precious ridiculous Molière

Zahraa Mouayed Abbas,
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 84

Page 461-457