Published: 2017-06-01


Designing a scale for passive emotional responses of football substitute players

Nazem Shaker Wattar, Nofal Fadel Rashid, Mohammed Khairuddin Saleh
Abstract 127 | PDF Downloads 14

Accounts of European Travelers on Safavid Iran (1501-1722)

Nemat Shehab Haji
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 258

The Role of flexibility of Underground of Information Technology to Achieve the effective of the strategical decision.

Ahlam ibrahem Waly, Ali Ibrahim Wali, jwan Saadullah rashed
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 14

producing coal fields in shaqlawa

Sassan hekmat Ali, Salwa Tofiq Mohamed
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 18

arning and working jinn

Zainah Youssef Issa
Abstract 115 | PDF Downloads 16

provisions relating to cheating in exams doctrinal study

Chato Hamdamin Smael, Hussein Saaduddin Masood
Abstract 131 | PDF Downloads 263

Prophet's silence and it's Implication in Islamic Fiqh

Younos saeed Hussein
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 15

the militarist image of Sultan Saladin ayyubi (D : h 589 – 1193 ad

Karavan Mohammed Ahmed, Hakim abdulrahim Zebair
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 15

insertion and conjunction impacts of narrative and poetic texts (Gorans Poetic) as Example

Zaher Latif Karim, Muhammad Fazil Mustafa
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 14

Administrative Empowerment and its Role in Enhancing Administrative Innovation

Brzo Hamza Suleman, Cheman Babakir Muhammad, Mohammed Abdullah Mahmmud
Abstract 160 | PDF Downloads 36

The effect of Bazaar for the constitutional in Iran1906

Ismael abdullah Ismael, Nagmdeen abdullah Ismael
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 18

the impacts of social, political, and economical changes of Erbil on its Populations

Rashad Meran Meran, Nadea Wale Jabar
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 16

ethical behaviors for University Lecturer

Hardi Zead Salh, Shahlaa Wale Jabbar, Miran Muhammad Salh
Abstract 131 | PDF Downloads 16

Ruling on teaching the deceased a comparative (Fiqh) study

kamal. sadeq yasin
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 270

Expropriation of Patent Ownership - comparative study

Hewa Ibrahim Qadir, sherwan Hadi ismaiel
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 16

Communicative Pieces of Discursive Interaction in Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Lanja Abdulrazaq Dabbagh
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 239

Metaphoricity of Colour Terms in Kurdish

Dr. Himdad Abdulqahar Muhammad
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 17

Difficulties and problems of legal translation

Bahaa Danial Elias
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 17