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Zanco Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences was originally launched in 1988 by Salahaddin University. Now it's one of the famous journals locally, and our vision to 2020 is to index the journal in SCOPUS and WoS





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Vol 31 No 1 (2019): Vol 31 No 1(2019)

Published: 2019-02-27



Water quality monitoring of Duhok Dam (Kurdistan Region of Iraq)

Nabaz Ibraheem MOHHAMED, Karwan A. Bamarni
Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 7-16

Molecular Identification of Acinetobacter baumanii and Acinetobacter genomic species 13TU Using PCR

Salah Tofik Jalal Balaky, Haval Abdulkhalik, Bashdar Mahmud Hussen, Hozan Hassan, Ahang Hasan Mawlood
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 17-22

Taxonomic Study for the New Record Orobanche armena Tzvelev (Orobanchaceae) in Iraq

Abdullah Shakur Sardar
Abstract 64 | PDF Downloads 40

Page 23-31

Comparing Halton and Sobol Sequences in Integral Evaluation

Nadia A. Mohammed
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 32-39

Effect of occupational exposure to chemicals on some biochemical parameters

musher Ismael Salih, Vyan A. Qader, Hawar J. Sadiq Hawezy
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 40-45

Analyze the Tranmissivity for Pumping Well testing with Single and Observation Well

Dana Khider Mawlood, yaseen wsu aziz
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 46

Page 70-76

Analysis of Electron Transport Coefficients in SiH4 Gas Using Boltzmann Equation in the Presence of Applied Electric Field

Mohammad M. Othman, Sherzad Aziz Taha, Idrees H
Abstract 57 | PDF Downloads 44

Page 77-88

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