Mohammed Jawdat Barzanjy, Mahde Akram Molan


Heat pump is used to convert heat from a low temperature region to a high temperature one. It has the same component of refrigeration unit and a working fluid passes through the system which is differing with respect to its application.

Exergy is the energy that is available to be used, after the system and surroundings reach equilibrium the exergy is zero.

Irreversibility always generates entropy, and anything that generates entropy always destroys exergy. The exergy destroyed is proportional to the entropy generated. Second-law efficiency is the ratio of the actual thermal efficiency to the maximum possible (reversible) thermal efficiency under the same conditions.

Analysis and evaluations are done to a water to water heat pump to estimate the amount of exergy destruction, second law efficiency and other factors. Refrigerants R134-a, R404, and R600-a are used in the experiment. Many data was taken, various thermodynamics equations used to get the results.

Time and evaporative temperature are taken as a reference to show the results for the three refrigerant types. R134-a considerably has the higher values of COP, exergy efficiency, and second law of efficiency than other refrigerants. Exergy destruction of R600-a is maximum and more exergy (useful works) will lost compare with other refrigerants.


Heat Pump, Exergy destruction, second law efficiency, R134-a, R404, R600-a

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