Anatomical and Palynological studies of three species of Gladioulus L. of Family Iridaceae

Bnar khalid bakr



This study was conducted to evaluate anatomical and palynological studies of three Gladioulus species (G. atroviolaceus, G. italicus and G. kotschyanus) taken from herbarium of Sciences collage/Salahaddin University/Erbil/Iraq. A study on the anatomical difference in stems and leaves of three Gladioulus species was under taken. The shape of stem is difference between the species, present the fibers under parenchyma cells layers, secretory canals are present in the stems. The large vascular bundles present in the adaxial and abaxial surfaces of midrib and above the vascular bundles present fibers, the margin shape is difference between the species, also in adaxial and abaxial surfaces present papilla. The Ca-oxalate crystals present in the leaf transvers sections.  In Gladioulus species the pollen grains were colporate. The shape of equatorial view is sub-prolate, prolate to elongate and poler view is semi-circular to circular.


actinocytic. Pollen grains were tricolpate. The shape in equatorial view bprolate and polar view is circular to

trigonal, the ornamentation is echinus.




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