Assessment the Enzymes Activities on two Soil Textures at different Incubation Temperatures

Snowber Muhammad Ahmed


A laboratory experiment was conducted to study the effect of 4 incubation temperature T1=10ºС,T2=20ºС,T3=30ºС and T3=40ºС, two soil textures and their combinations on enzymes activity using factorial CRD with  three replicates  The results revealed that the higher value of (dehydrogenase 157.527µg.TPF.g-1soil) and (urease  33.707 µg.N.g-1 soil) were recorded from treatment that incubated at 30˚C  in sandy loam soils  respectively, Moreover the results indicated that the enzyme activity increased with  increase the incubation temperature to 30˚C


Urease Dehydrogenase , Enzymes Activity and Temperature

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