Inlet temperature affect on the Electricity Production for the gas turbine power plant station in Kurdistan-Iraq

azhar kareem mohammed


In some regions during hot months electricity demands significant power. Electric-power output of simple cycle gas turbines vary according to the inlet conditions. The amount of these variations greatly affects the production of electricity. For this purpose, simple cycle gas turbines in three stations are considered in this study, each station has 500 MW power plants and each one contains four units, each unit has 125 MW power plants. For a station that uses average monthly ambient temperature data of the region, average electricity production loss as compared to those in international standard design conditions (sea level, 15 °C, 1.013bar, 60% relative humidity).the result shows that the electricity production loss occurs in all regions during the periods that the temperature is above 15 °C standard ambient temperature and loss rates vary between 5.6 % to 21.6 % depending upon the regions. Also electricity production increases about 0.8 % to 3.5 % when inlet air temperature is less than 15 °C. The average power output of the plant increases by 0.75 % for each 1 oC drop in inlet temperature, and the average power output of the plant decreases by 0.91 % for each 1 oC up in inlet temperature. 

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