Diazo-Coupling Reactions for Spectrophotometric Estimation of Nitrite in Some Cured Meat Products

Hemn A. Qader


This work reported a rapid, simple and sensitive spectrophotometric procedure for determination of nitrite ion with the aid of diazo-coupling reactions. Acidified 2-aminobenzoimidazole (dissolved in H2SO4) was charged with nitrite ion, which leads to produce a water-soluble diazonium ion that subsequently reacted with orcinol as coupling agent to yield an azo compound, reaching maximum absorption at 305 nm. Many parameters of the reaction conditions have been studied and optimized to enhance the sensitivity of the proposed method. After plotting the calibration curve, it was found that over the concentration range of 0.05 – 3.0 µg/mL of nitrite, Beer's law is obeyed with 0.03µg/mL and 1.55×104L/mol.cm of detection limit and molar absorptivity, respectively.  The accuracy and precision of the method were tested and obtained values were acceptable. The influence of common cations, anions and interferences on the proposed method was studied, then nitrite ion in some cured meat samples determined with the proposed method. The results were compared with the standard method and favorable agreement between the obtained data was observed. 


nitrite ion, curing meat, diazo-coupling reactions and spectrophotometry.


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