A New record of Sap feeding- beetles, Nitidula flavomaculata Rossi, 1790 (Nitidulidae: Coleoptera) from Iraq

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Srwa M. Khalil
Nabeel A. Mawlood
Hozan Q. Hamamurad
Azhin M. Peerbal


Coleoptera Nitidulidae New record: Nitidula flavomaculata Iraq


.    A New record of sap feeding beetles, Nitidulida flavomaculata Rossi,1790 as an important insect species in the field of entomology was  described in Iraq. The species was collected from the animal corpses Carrion  during the period of November 2015 until May 2016. The taxon is easily distinguishable, where the mandibles are bidenticles. The lacinia membranous with high density of yellow setose. 3th segment of labial palps elongated oval ,1.1 times as long as the 2nd . 4th segment of maxillary palps is elongated oval ,1.2 times as long as the 2nd segment. Antenna is capitate, 9th segment inverted flask shaped 1.2 as long as the 10th . Pronotum dark brown, yellow laterally. Tegmen extended and ellyptical, anterior part wide at posterior ,apical margin of median lobe broad, V-shaped . Aedegalapophysis long, tubular, 1.7 times as long as the tegmen. The important taxonomic parts have been photographed. Localities and date of the collection have been mentioned

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