Water quality assessment for Duhok reservoir

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Yadi Omer Mustafa Al- Barzingy


, Water quality, Duhok reservoir, phytoplankton, trophic status


The physicochemical water quality and trophic status assessment for Duhok reservoir was carried out during four seasons in 2011. Water samples collected from three sites at three depths (surface, 2m, and 6m). Duhok reservoir was constructed in 1988 for different purposes of water supply, irrigation, and recreations. The results showed that water quality is in an alkaline side of neutrality, conductivity value ranged from 750 to 1240 µS.cm-1. Dissolved oxygen concentration decline under 5 mg.l-1 during spring and summer seasons, with a trend of decreasing DO concentration from the surface toward depth (6m) in all studied sites. Based on TN: TP ratio nitrogen is limiting factor for phytoplankton growth. Phosphate concentration of lake water falls within the oligotrophic status, while for chlorophyll a and Secchi depth values the lake categorized as eutrophic
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