Numerical Treatment of Mixed Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations Using Trigonometric Functions and Laguerre Polynomials

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Pakhshan Mohammed Ameen Hasan
Nejmaddin Abdulla Sulaiman


Trigonometric functions, Laguerre polynomials, least square technique, linear algebraic system, linear mixed Volterra-Fredholm integral equation of the second kind (LMV-FIE2nd).




In this paper, numerical solution of linear mixed Volterra-Fredholm integral equations of the second kind by using trigonometric functions and Laguerre polynomials approximation accompanied with the least square technique is presented. For the explanation of the idea and more illustration, an algorithm is introduced, and several examples are solved. Also, comparison between the exact and the approximate solutions are given to show the efficiency of the methods and accuracy of the results

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