Hosoya and Wiener Index of Zero-Divisor Graph of Z pm q2

  • Nazar H. Shuker Department of Mathematics,College of Computers Sciences and Math, University of Mosul , Iraq.
  • Husam Q. Mohammad Department of Mathematics,College of Computers Sciences and Math, University of Mosul , Iraq.
  • Luma A. Khaleel Department of Mathematics,College of Education for Pure Science,University of Mosul , Iraq.
Keywords: zero-divisor graph, Clique number , Hosoya polynomial, Wiener index


In this work, we study zero-divisor graph of the ring Zpmq2 and give some properties of this graph. Furthermore we find Hosoya polynomial and Wiener index for this graph.


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Shuker, N., H. Mohammad, and L. Khaleel. “Hosoya and Wiener Index of Zero-Divisor Graph of Z Pm Q2”. ZANCO Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, Vol. 31, no. 2, May 2019, pp. 45-52, doi:10.21271/zjpas.31.s2.6.