The Metaphor of Nature as a Strategy for Modern Bathroom Design

  • Eman Al Braifkani Department of Interior Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University,Famagusta, Cyprus
Keywords: Bathroom; Inspiration; Interior design; Metaphor; Nature.


Drawing from history until this current time, numerous fields of study has created designs and offer clarifications stimulated by nature. The concept of metaphor applied in interior design has attracted critics, theoreticians as well as those who are experts in the field of interior design. The use of metaphor can assist in redefining problems and facilitating in assisting solutions in interior design. Furthermore, it can serve as a research concept especially in grasping novel bathrooms designs, which there are very little studies on how nature-based metaphors can inspire different concepts for bathroom. From here, the problem of research was determined by studying how nature-based metaphors were used to generate different concepts and ideas for modern baths. The aim further seeks to determine the types of metaphors obtained from nature in the design of bathroom. For the benefit of achieving a detailed result, the methodology of this study adopted a qualitative multiple case study, and scope of limited to modern bathroom interior design. Research is based on information provided by catalogues and the websites of the most predominant companies competent in the design of bathrooms, which includes a wide variety of famous designers, and conclusions are then drawn by analyzing the data documented in these forms. This paper identifying six key indicators drawn from previous studies. The research has reached the pivotal role of metaphor usage as a design strategy for modern Bathroom Interiors. Where the metaphor ranged between form to the senses and the general atmosphere naturally inspired.



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