The Iraqi Practice in Urban Conservation An Assessment of Some Projects in Baghdad After 1950

  • Mazin Jaber Alnemaa Department of Architecture, University of Mosul, Iraq,
  • Emad Hani Ismaeel Department of Architecture, University of Mosul, Iraq
  • Mumtaz Hazim Dawood Department of Architecture, University of Mosul, Iraq
Keywords: Urban Conservation, Reconstruction, Preservation, Built Heritage, Assessment, Baghdad.


Many countries have witnessed experiments in various urban projects. The main objective of many of these projects has been the reconstruction and preservation of cities that have been subjected to natural or human disasters. This has led to the enhancement of expertise in this type of project in order to preserve the cultural and historical identity of the city, especially the old ones with specific architectural character,

     The Iraqi practice in the field of urban conservation and reconstruction has been characterized by a specificity resulting from the length of time that exceeded 50 years. The aim of the paper is to review and analyze a range of successful local Iraqi attempts in the fields of conservation, reconstruction, urban development and rehabilitation projects, which took place during the 1950s to the present in an order to draw a set of guidelines for this type of projects, and the adoption of the scientific basis and benefit from the experience accumulated from those experiences .

      These attempts can be grouped into four levels: the level of a single architectural building or landmark, the level of a group of adjacent buildings (complex or complexes), the level of urban fabric, and the overall level of the master plan, and the second level was selected for the study of the historic urban centre in Baghdad in the period after 1950.



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