Comparison between Neuman and Dupuit for Pumping test in water table aquifer

  • Dana khider Mawlood Department of Civil, College of Engineering,Salahaddin University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Srwa Othman Ismail Department of Civil, College of Engineering,Salahaddin University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Keywords: Neuman (1975); Dupuit (1857); Pumping test; water table aquifer; Aquifer test software.


A water table aquifer pumping test is an important method for measuring aquifer parameters, there are two techniques of well testing, the first is equilibrium test and the second is unequilibrium test. Dupuit was the first one to present Darcy's law to calculate transmissivity (T) in the water table aquifer in a single well, and transmissivity can be discovered by this technique, only Neuman worked in the unstable state of an unconfined aquifer, and transmissivity (T), specific yield (Sy) and storativity (S) can be found. The aim and purpose of this article is used aquifer test pro 2016 to predict Neuman model aquifer parameters from the pumping test performed in the Xabat region and to report the results of the Dupuit technique. The values of transmissivity (T) from the two methods are: (173 m2/day), (181 m2/day). And (Sy= 9.9 x 10-1), (S= 9.9 x 10-3).


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