Novel Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna based on Two-Shape Structure

  • Halgurd N. Awl Department of Communication, Engineering College, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Kurdistan Region–Iraq.
  • Rashad H. Mahmud Department of Physics, College of Education ,Salahaddin University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region–Iraq.
Keywords: Microstrip,antenna,X-band, Radar


      Recently, most of researches concentrate on design broadband and high gain microstrip antenna with a low profile to fulfill modern communication system requirements. This paper presents a novel design of microstrip patch antenna. The design is based on the number two (Two-Shape) shape using the Computer Simulation Technology (CST) microwave studio.  The novel design is operated at the X-band frequency, and it provides a very wide bandwidth which is around 25 % at the center frequency 10.25 GHz. The antenna realized gain fluctuates between 5.3-7.7 dBi over the entire X-band frequency. The antenna provides a Fan- beam radiation patterns with very low side lobe levels, which are below -10 dB in both of the E- and H-planes. Due to the simplicity and compatibility, it is believed the antenna could be of interest to the radar applications.


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N. Awl, H. and H. Mahmud, R. (2019) “Novel Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna based on Two-Shape Structure”, Zanco Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 31(s4), pp. 26-29. doi: 10.21271/zjpas.31.s4.3.