Homogenous balance method for solving exact solutions of the nonlinear Benny -luke equation and Vakhnenko-Parkes equation

  • Israa A. Ibrahim Department of Math., College Education for Pure Sciences, Tikrit University, Iraq
  • Wafaa M. Taha Department of Math., College Education for Pure Sciences, Tikrit University, Iraq
  • M. S. M. Noorani 1-Department of Math., College of Sciences, Kirkuk University, Iraq ,2-School of Math. Sciences, University Kebangsaan Malaysia UKM, Malaysia
Keywords: Application, Homogeneous balance method ,The Benny-Luke equation, The Vakhenko-Parkes equation


      In this article, We apply the homogeneous balance method to construct the many families of exact solution of travelling wave solution of nonlinear equations, the Benny -Luke equation and vakhnenko-parkes equation. As the result, many solitary wave solution are obtained from the solution by hyperbolic function when the parameters were taken at special values and we compared the result with the solution of F-expansion method and -expansion method, we obtained the same results by certain hypotheses. Also we drew a 3D graph of exact solution  for the special Benny -luke equation and vakhnenko-parkes equation by help of the maple.  


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A. Ibrahim, I., W. M. Taha, and M. S. M. Noorani. “Homogenous Balance Method for Solving Exact Solutions of the Nonlinear Benny -Luke Equation and Vakhnenko-Parkes Equation”. ZANCO Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, Vol. 31, no. s4, Oct. 2019, pp. 52-56, doi:10.21271/zjpas.31.s4.9.