Effect of Fiber Angles on Dynamic Response of Cantilever Composite Beams

Nazhad Ahmad hussein, Dilshad Mohammed


In this paper, the natural frequencies and mode shapes for free vibration of cantilever composite beams are investigated on the bases of the analytical, numerical and experimental methods. The analytical was based on Euler-Bernoulli beam and the numerical method which based on the finite element theory has been divided into two types of analysis, one which based on the numerical formulation by using MATLAB program and secondly, using computer program (SolidWorks) for simulation. Finally the experimental analysis was carried out to validate the results. The specimens are built in the form of unidirectional laminates by hand-lay-up process. Numerical results have been computed to introduce the effects of fibers angles and fibers volume fractions on the natural frequencies and the mode shapes of the composite beams.


Dynamic Analysis, Composite Beams, Natural Frequency, Solid Works, Euler-Bernoulli Beam.

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