Flow injection determination of diclofenac sodium in pharmaceutical formulations based on its inhibiting effect on the chemiluminescent reaction of basic permanganate–luminol

Hijran Sanaan Jabbar


A Flow injection – chemiluminescence (FI-CL) method is developed for the determination of diclofenac sodium (DS). The method based on the quenching effect of DS on the CL light generated from potassium permanganate-luminol system in basic medium. The optimum conditions for the chemiluminescence emission were investigated. The calibration graph relating to the ∆CL signal intensity (∆peak height) VS the concentration of the DS was linear and it is suitable for determining DS in the range of 5.0 – 45.0 µg/mL, with the detection limit of 2.5 µg/mL and correlation coefficient of 0.9962. The method is applied successfully for determination of DS in pharmaceutical formulations and compared with high performance liquid chromatography method. F and t tests are less than the tabulated values at 95% confidence level.


Diclofenac sodium, chemiluminescence, basic permanganate, pharmaceuticals

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