Controlling DC Motor Position, Using PID Controller Made by PIC Microcontroller


The Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller is the most common form of feedback used in the control systems. It can be used for various Industrial functions. One of the applications used here is to control the position of the DC motor. Controlling the position of a DC motor is very significant in that any small change can lead to instability of the closed loop system. Conventional PID controllers are used to control the DC motor for various industrial processes for many years due to their simplicity in operation. PID controllers require mathematical models to control the plant of different control processing applications. This paper seeks to focus on controlling the position of DC motors using PID controller made by PIC microcontroller. Consequently hardware has been designed and produced which in practice worked well.
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“Controlling DC Motor Position, Using PID Controller Made by PIC Microcontroller” (2016) Zanco Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 28(2). doi: 10.21271/zjpas.v28i2.807.