A histo-anatomical study on Scorzonera phaeopappa Boiss. and Serratula cerinthifolia Boiss. grown in Kurdistan region -Iraq

Ardalan A. Sulayman


This study was executed to scrutinize the histo-anatomical aspects of leaves and stems of indigenous Scorzonera (Sc.) phaeopappa and Serratula (Se.) cerinthifolia. The examined plants were chosen from the herbarium of Biology Department, College of Science, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Iraq. The standard paraffin protocol was applied to investigate some histological traits of leaves and stems of Sc. phaeopappa and Se. cerinthifolia. The histological inspection of Sc. phaeopappa leaf showed that a number of features such as downward round margin, unicellular glandular trichomes and anomocytic hypostomatous were identifiable. Also this research work demonstrated presence of round straight margins, unicellular trichomes and anomocytic amphistomatous leaves of Se. cerinthifolia .The stem histological study revealed that the shape of stem was irregular and the fibers were not present around or close to vascular bundles in Sc. Phaeopappa, whilst the stem of Se. cerinthifolia was regular in shape and the vascular bundles were surrounded by fibers.


Scorzonera, Serratula, plant histology

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