Published: 2019-05-12

Second international conference of Mathematics(SICME2019)


Category of Source Proper Group Space

Taghreed Hur Majeed, Suaad Ali Mohammed
Abstract 25 | PDF Downloads 29 | DOI

Page 6-13

Hosoya and Wiener Index of Zero-Divisor Graph of Z pm q2

Nazar H. Shuker, Husam Q. Mohammad, Luma A. Khaleel
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 33 | DOI

Page 45-52

Hybrid technique for image compression based on five modulus method and K-L-Transform

Ghada TH. Younis, Maysoon K. Hessin, Khalil I. alsaif
Abstract 23 | PDF Downloads 42 | DOI

Page 53-59

Feature Extraction of Images Texture Based on Co-occurrence Matrix

Hadia S. Abd allah, Wijdan Yassen, khalil I. Alsaif
Abstract 36 | PDF Downloads 52 | DOI

Page 60-69

Parallel Execution of the Steganography using SFLA on the Android Platform

Manar Younis Ahmed, Balqees Talal Hasan
Abstract 31 | PDF Downloads 33 | DOI

Page 81-92