Vol 29, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


The effectiveness of ELISA and PCR techniques for detecting Cytomegalovirus in blood donors PDF
Haween T. Nanakaly, Bashdar M. Hussen, Saleem S. Qader 1-5
ψ_c- Open Sets in Topological Spaces PDF
Sami Ali Hussein 6-10
Flow injection determination of diclofenac sodium in pharmaceutical formulations based on its inhibiting effect on the chemiluminescent reaction of basic permanganate–luminol PDF
Hijran Sanaan Jabbar 11-22
Using Liptocitro as a growth promoter on common carp Cyprinus carpio reared in cage culture PDF
Samad S.O. Khoshnaw 23-34
Environmental pH effects on denitrification and the related genes of transcription denitrification PDF
Lubna Ahmed Abdulkarim 35-47
First record of Rhabdochona (Rhabdochona) longispicula Belous in Roytman, 1963 (Nematoda: Rhabdochonidae) in Glyptothorax kurdistanicus from Greater Zab River, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. PDF
Samir Jawdat Bilal 48-53
A Study of Invertebrates Community in Lesser Zab River/ Kurdistan Region-Iraq PDF
Luay Abdul-Qader Ali 54-64
Lipid profile, oxidative stress and homocysteine in CRF patients pre- and post-hemodialysis in Erbil city PDF
Kamaran Kainai Abdoulrahman 65-73
Evaluation of cultivars and storage period on yield and storage characteristics of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L) PDF
Sarfaraz F Ali, Shaymaa Abdul-Qader 74-82
Determination of some elements from wild Pterocephalus nestorianus Nab., growing in Kurdistan Region/Iraq using ICP-AES and ICP-MS] PDF
FUAD OTHMAN ABDULLAH, Faiq Hama saeed Hussain, Giovanni Vidari 83-89
First record of Galeodes caspius subfuscus Birula, 1937 (Solifugae, Galeodidae) in Iraq with additional notes on Rhagodixa kurdistanica, Birula 1936 (Solifugae, Rhagodidae) PDF
Fenik Fussen, Sherwan Ahmed 90-97
Isolation and Identification of Fungi and Fungus-like Organisms from Sewage Water and soil edge sewage water in the Erbil City PDF
Farid Toma, Karwan Othman 98-119
Investigation of the Overall Efficiency of Steam Jet Ejector over a Range of Working Conditions PDF
Banipal Nanno Yaqob, Hindren Saber 120-126
Analyze the well losses and aquifer losses on the pumping test results PDF
Dana Khider Mawlood 127-133
Detection of Listeria monocytogenes HlyA gene in Food Samples of Meat by Real-Time PCR In Erbil city PDF
Layla Salim, Galawezh Othman 134-139
Molecular identification and Phylogenetic tree of some fish (Cyprinidae) in Dukan Lake, Kurdistan of Iraq PDF
Darya Mohammed Azeez, Sarbaz Ibrahim Mohammed 140-145
Human Cytomegalovirus IgG and IgM Seropositivity among Pregnant Women in Sulaimani City and Their Relations to the Abortion Rates PDF
Salih A. Hama, Kazhal Abdurahman 146-156
Effect of Fiber Angles on Dynamic Response of Cantilever Composite Beams PDF
Nazhad Ahmad hussein, Dilshad Mohammed 157-163
A histo-anatomical study on Scorzonera phaeopappa Boiss. and Serratula cerinthifolia Boiss. grown in Kurdistan region -Iraq PDF
Ardalan A. Sulayman 164-170
Assessment of Water Quality for Zar Gali Stream, Bekhal (Maran) and Khalan Rivers within Erbil, Iraq PDF
Nihal S. Hanna, Yahya Shekha 171-181