Vol 29, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Cytogenetic and molecular genetic studies of number of chronic mylogenous leukemia in Erbil province PDF
Mustafa Saber Mustafa
Measurement of white blood cells count, immunoglobulins and complement proteins in patients with scabies in Erbil- Iraq PDF
Samir Jawdat Bilal, Alaa Abdulrahman Sulaiman, Sarhang Hasan Aziz
Dana Khider Mawlood
Structural and Thermal Behavior of Sm3+ Ions Doped Sodium Tellutite Glasses PDF
Saman Qadir Mawlud, Mudhafar Mustafa Ameen, Rahim Bin Sahar, Kasim Fawwzy Ahmed
Assessment of natural radionuclide's in sediments of Darbandikhan Lake water resources at Kurdistan Region-Northeastern of Iraq, using EDXRF Technique PDF
Ali Hassan Ahmed
Species chick list of Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, Lichens and Mashroom of Iraq and Kurdistan Region PDF
Farhad Hasan Aziz
New species of the genus , Protaetia Burmeister, 1842 from Iraq (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae :Cetoniinae) PDF
Hozan Qadir Hammamurad
Use proposed non-parametric Regression models For the clustered data PDF
taha hussain ali
Petroleum System Modeling of Jabal Kand Oil Field, Northern Iraq PDF
Rzger Abdulkarim Abdula
Theoretical, Numerical, and Experimental Analysis of Composite Double-Cracked Cantilever Beams with Various Fibers Volume Fraction and Angles PDF
Nazhad Ahmad hussein
Statistical Probability Distributions of the Noble Quran PDF
dr.delshad shaker botani
Development of Mobile Application for Android Platform: Medical Guide PDF
Jamal Abdullah Hassan
Natural Convection in a Trapezoidal Enclosure Heated from Below and Filled with Cu-Water Nanofluid PDF
Ahmeed Waheed Mustafa
Improve differentiation of Breast mass using fuzzy segmentation method PDF
heamn noori abduljabbar, Dr Haidar Jalal Ismail, Dr sardar p. yaba
Effect of pitfall trap size on the abundance and diversity of ground dwelling insects in an arable land within Erbil Province- Kurdistan region-Iraq PDF
Karzan Sabah D.Ahmed, Nawzad Bawakir Kadir, Khalid Qadir Khidher
Sero-prevalence of TORCH infections among pregnant and non-pregnant women using different Immunological techniques in Erbil city, Kurdistan region / Iraq PDF
Hemdad Hawez Mawlood
Real time data acquire from multiple Accelerometers and IMU to calculate 3-direction angles and relative orientation PDF
Dler Salih Hasan, Ibrahim Hamarash
Rate of pelvic organ prolapse in Maternity Teaching Hospital in Erbil city PDF
Suzan Khudhur Younus, Serwa Rassool Al-Dabakh
Operation Analysis and Capacity Improvement of Signalized Intersections Using TRANSYT-7F Software Release 11 PDF
Shamil Ahmed Flamarz
SYBR Green Real Time PCR Method for Direct Quantification and Detection of Escherichia coli from Clinical Samples PDF PDF
Ari Qadir NABI