Vol 29, No 4 (2017)

Table of Contents


Histopathological Effects of Methomyl Pesticide and Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Radiation on Duodenum of Male Albino Rats PDF
Peshraw S. Hamadamin, Khder Hussein Rasul, Falah M. Aziz 1-12
Synthetic Approaches and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some New Acetamide Derivatives and 5-Benzylidene-2-(2,6-dimethyl-phenylimino)-thiazolidin-4-ones PDF
Aras NAjmadin Hamad, Sarbast Muhammed Ahmed, Zanko Hasssan Jawhar, Dashti Hadi Hamad, Kezhal Muhammed Salih 13-24
Classifying Routing Algorithms upon Clustered Based Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey PDF
Idrees S. Kocher, Qusay Sarhan 25-36
Organic and non-organic soil amendments as sound method to combat chickpea wilt’s soilborne fungus Fusarium oxysporumf.sp. ciceris PDF
Qasim A Marzani 37-43
A Comparison results of factor analysis and cluster analysis to the migration of young people from the Kurdistan Region to Europe PDF
Hazhar Talaat Abubaker Blbas, Saman Hussein Mahmood, Cheman Abubaker Omer 44-55
Impact of oak leaves mulching on evaporation reduction from bare soils PDF
Tariq Karim, Abdul-Rahman P. Haydar 56-64
Prevalence of post- Caesarean Section Wound Infection at Maternity Teaching Hospital in Erbil City PDF
Halal Abdullah Ozeir, Kamilia Buya Azamat 65-71
Analysis of Smart Composite Shell Structures Including Vibration and Control Systems
Azad Mohammed Ali Saber 72-91
Role of Metformin in the Treatment of Female Infertility with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in Erbil City PDF
Sawsan Aziz Abdullah 92-97
End To End Congestion Avoidance In Computer Network Using Robust PID Controller PDF
Amin Mohammed, Nyan Dawood Sallman 98-104
The Restricted Detour Polynomials of aLadder and a Möbius Ladder PDF
Gashaw Aziz Mohammed-Saleh, Herish O Abdullah, Mohammed R. R Ahmed 105-119
The Way of Improvement of Cooper-Jacob solution for different wells in Erbil surrounding PDF
Dana Khider Mawlood, Jwan Sabah Mustafa 120-127
Relationship between blaSHVGenes in Klebsiella pneumoniae PDF
Abdulkarim Yasin Karim, Fairuz H. Abdullah Tawgozy, Abdulkarim Y. Karim 128-133
One-pot Three Component Synthesis of Some NewAzo-PyrazolineCompounds Derived From 5-((3-chloro-4-methylphenyl)diazenyl)-2-hydroxybenzaldehyde PDF
Marlin Yousif Aziz, Yousif Khalid Bayiz, Farouq Emam Hawaiz 134-139
Optimization of Aeration Style and Cycle Time for Treatment of Oil Refinery Wastewater Using Powdered Activated Carbon and Sequential Batch Reactor PDF
Shuokr Qarani Aziz, Enas Sa’ad Fakhrey 140-153
Measurement of Radon Exhalation Rate and Radium Activity from Building Material Samples Used in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan PDF
Zakariya A. Hussein 154-160
Histological effect of methomyl on rat brain and testis PDF
Treefa Farouq Ismail 161-167
Antibiotic susceptibility and antibacterial activity of Enterococcus faecium isolated from local Goats milk and cheese PDF
Khalid I Aziz 168-174
Thermodynamic and Time Dependent of Viscous Flow of Khurmala and Gurga Crude Oils PDF
Rawand Samad Abdullah 175-182
Some Theorems in Existence, Uniqueness and Stability solution of Integro-Differential Equations PDF
hewa selman faris 183-189