Published: 2018-06-01
water resources conference


Simulation of Downpull Forces of Leaf Gate in High Dams

Bashir Thabit Mohammed, Binahi Mohammad Amin Said Ali
Abstract 116 | pdf Downloads 94 | DOI

Page 16-23

Discharge Coefficients for Different Types of Side Weirs

Bruska S. Mamand, Adil M. Raheem
Abstract 156 | pdf Downloads 91 | DOI

Page 24-31

Water Surface Profile along Different Side Weirs in Subcritical Flow Regime

Bruska S. Mamand, Adil M. Raheem
Abstract 167 | pdf Downloads 69 | DOI

Page 42-49

Stochastic Models for the Maximum and Minimum Daily Flows of Tigris and Khabur Rivers

Khalid M. Khadir, Adil M. Raheem, Syran A. Ibrahim
Abstract 126 | pdf Downloads 79 | DOI

Page 50-61

Evaluation of Hydraulic Performance of Nazanin Dam Side Channel Spillway

Shahin S. Ahmed, Yaseen W. Aziz
Abstract 127 | pdf Downloads 62 | DOI

Page 62-69

Experimental Study of Hydraulic Jump Characteristics in Trapezoidal Channels

Shahin S. Ahmed, Othman K. Mohammed, Alan A. Ghafoor
Abstract 139 | pdf Downloads 100 | DOI

Page 70-75

Numerical Investigations of Downpull Forces for leaf gate in high dams

Bashir Thabit Mohammed, Binahi Mohammad Amin Said Ali
Abstract 173 | pdf Downloads 73 | DOI

Page 76-82

Numerical Modeling of Flow in Side Channel Spillway Using ANSYS-CFX

Shahin S. Ahmed, Yaseen W. Aziz, Yaseen W. Aziz
Abstract 153 | pdf Downloads 69 | DOI

Page 83-93

Validation of a numerical particle based method for free surface flow downstream of sluice gates

Sarhang M. Husain, Abdulla A. Abo, Basil Y. Mustafa
Abstract 138 | pdf Downloads 62 | DOI

Page 94-104

Effect of Sudden Rise of Water in Stream on Adjacent Land

Abulla A. Abo, Sarhang M. Husain, Saud A. Hussein
Abstract 116 | pdf Downloads 69 | DOI

Page 105-112

Characteristics and potential treatment technologies for different kinds of wastewaters

Shuokr Qarani Aziz, Sazan Mohamemd Ali
Abstract 126 | pdf Downloads 64 | DOI

Page 122-134

Darbandikhan Reservoir Operation Optimization Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm

Mohammed Nasseh Mohammed, Bnar Faisal A. Daham, Kanar Shukr Mohammed
Abstract 163 | pdf Downloads 122 | DOI

Page 135-141

Hydraulic Performance of the Control Butterfly Valves of the Bottom Outlet of Kassa Chai Dam

Riyadh Zuhair Azzubaidi, 2Ne’emat Mustafa Majeed
Abstract 186 | pdf Downloads 87 | DOI

Page 142-151

Planning and Operational Flow Forecasting of Lesser Zaab River at Dokan Dam, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Sarfraz Munir, Sathyendar Sreepada, Bryar Bakr Saeed
Abstract 191 | pdf Downloads 97 | DOI

Page 152-158

Optimizing Reservoir Operation – A Case Study of Dokan Reservoir, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Sathyendar Sreepada, Sarfraz Munir, Shirwan Najmadin Jumaa
Abstract 123 | pdf Downloads 81 | DOI

Page 159-167

Groundwater vulnerability to pollution assessment using two different models in Halabja Saidsadiq Basin, Iraq

Twana O. Abdullah, Salahalddin S. Ali, Nadhir A. Al-Ansari, Sven Knutsson
Abstract 174 | pdf Downloads 59 | DOI

Page 168-172