Why Content Based Teaching is Most Effective When Teaching a Second Language


AbstractThe paper will specifically evaluate why Content Based Teaching is most effective when teaching a second language. In particular, this is a by-product that directly coincides with the ability to effectively teach English language as a second language. This is a phenomenon that is of the utmost importance to understand as correctly applying the linguistic techniques behind content-based learning, can provide invaluable information that could make the teaching process much smoother and also far more efficient within the process. The paper will define an operative definition of what content-based teaching involves, and the best practices that the educator could utilize to most effectively leverage the different benefits and mechanisms offered within a content-based teaching framework. The paper will also take a cognitive linguistic perspective in evaluating the effectiveness of content-based learning, as well as the current and most innovative techniques that are currently being utilized within the field. The evaluation of the current literature as well as the different techniques that are utilized within content-based learning can provide an effective overview that can help the educator better understand the benefits of this theoretical prism and its applications in linguistic educational development.Throughout this study, it has been proven that content based teaching is the most effective technique for teaching a foreign language. Although it is granted that content based teaching requires adequately trained teacher who could potentially utilize all appropriate techniques that this approach offers, but the outcome outweighs whatever efforts the teachers put in it. The skilled teacher will be able to incorporate the student's current knowledge of the second language, what motivates him/her and how to assist him/her built their personal experience and adapt it and combine it with the external communication skill which is the essence of language learning.  Furthermore, the strength of this method lies its capability to improve long-term learner's retention and hence improved long term results
Apr 2, 2018
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