An Assessment of Students’ Achievement in Vocabulary at College Level

  • Ameera M. Abudllah Department of English Language & Applied Linguistics - College of Basic Education / Salahaddin University-Erbil
  • Shano. A. Ahmed Department of English Language & Applied Linguistics - College of Basic Education / Salahaddin University-Erbil
Keywords: Vocabulary assessment, types of vocabulary, importance of vocabulary



Vocabulary achievement and its role by college students have received much less attention due to decoding, promoting and achieving in the process of language learning. Thus, students with insufficient vocabulary level have difficulties in understanding and using vocabulary, especially when they are not familiarized with the vocabulary in terms of its meaning and use. Furthermore, students who read less will acquire fewer new words, while students who read more will have better recognition for vocabularies; hence, they would be able to improve their language learning.

The aim of the current quantitative research is not only to assess the students’ vocabulary achievements, but it tries to display the difficulties that students encounter during achieving their vocabulary as well.

The recent research investigates the students' difficulties in dealing with English language because of their limited vocabulary. The researchers try to answer a number of questions concerning the college students' ability to achieve vocabulary and use it in its appropriate way, recognizing the difficulties that they encounter for achieving their vocabularies, and identifying their level in vocabularies achievement.

To obtain the research goals, a test is designed and it is used as a main tool for collecting the required data. For this purpose, 50 students have been chosen randomly at the College of Basic Education / English Department Salahaddin University-Erbil for the academic year (2017-2018). The sample was junior students as they have been studied and expected of achieving their vocabulary throughout the previous years.


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