ISIS’s Interpretation of the Holy Quran A study for the main cover line of the first and second issue of the Dabiq magazine

  • Farooq Omar Ahmed Department of Principles of Religion, College of Humanities, University of Halabja
Keywords: Interpretation, ISIS, Magazine, Dabiq, cover line, Qur’an


This research sheds light on ISIS’s interpretation of the Holy Qur’an by, within studying the first and second issue cover lines of Dabiq magazine. ISIS utilizes Qur’anic verses to spread their Ideologies, showing it as a source of violence, which has led to the spread of a strong feeling of Islamophobia among non-Muslims. Therefore, this research discusses ISIS’s interpreting for the verses which were mentioned in the first and second cover line articles, to provide an insight into the ways ISIS dealt with Qur’anic verses. The research depends on the analysis, comparative, and critical methodologies. the result of the study reveals that ISIS interpreted Quranic verses as they like, regardless of the basic Qur’an interpretation rules.


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