The Forms of Media Violence Against Women .Online Violence as an Example

  • Hakim Othman Hamed Sulaimaniyah Technical University School of Administrative Technologies
  • Nazakat Hamasaeed Department of Media - College of Arts - Sulaimani University
Keywords: The information, the media for the public opinion, the internet, the press


Talking about media and the Internet and their relationship to social problems and the making of violent images on social networking sites has become a concern of many professionals and users, and you find many of these people in their research and topics deal with violence and sympathetic dealing in which modern media and social networking sites are a means by which perpetrators of violent acts against society, especially against women, are pleaded with, Women in most societies are exposed to many problems, such as marginalization and violence, especially in backward societies that deal inferiorly with women, which may be the basis and origins of this unfair deal, which is the low awareness and control of old customs and traditions and religious directives that do not find women equal to men, and the existence of this conviction has led Until this conviction transcends the limits of thought and is now being practiced against women in various ways and means, The existence of this conviction has led to this conviction that transcends the boundaries of thought and is now being practiced against women in various ways and means, and the matter came to invoking modern communication technology to practice violence against women, and women suffered as a result of this violent deal by men and women great losses such as avoiding the use of these means and not to benefit from the advantages of technology for fear of exposing women to grief and violence, especially in societies where the percentage of ignorance, unemployment and social freedoms is at low levels,

Because fabricated news, an unreal image, sound or video may cause great social problems if the woman is the subject of this news or that image, and technology has facilitated the methods of committing crimes, especially after the proliferation of tablets and mobiles, cheap prices and the spread of applications that make The user is able to re-edit and create events easily and at the lowest costs, and publish it on the widest scale in the shortest possible period of time, and social networking sites have become one of these means sometimes used inappropriately, and thus it becomes facilitated to commit crimes and violence against others, especially against women.

In this research, we try to focus on this problem in which women are exposed to electronic violence through modern media, especially through social media, and we try to find mechanisms and ways to commit these methods against women by using the descriptive, survey and analytical approach of a large number of women journalists and civic activists in political fields And social and social crimes in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, as cyber crimes in the region have crossed borders, and not a day may pass without the occurrence of many of these crimes against citizens. We have focused in our research on violence directed against women.


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